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 Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter
Scouting Program
Scout Master: None
Miavori Kmpabed: Y. Shant Kilijian

The Homenenetmen San Francisco Scouts operate under charter from the Homenetmen Westerm Regional Scout Committee (RSC) and the Pacific Skyline Council Troop 104.  
The Troop consists of the Leadership Corp. and four packs: Kayleeg (Cub Scouts), Ardzveeg (Brownies), Ari (Boy Scouts), Arenoush (Girl Scouts)

The Scouts meet bi-monthly with ashkhadank (meetings) primarily in our Homenetmen Agoump adjacent the Gym.  A regular ashkhadank consists of Opening/Closing Ceremony, Educational Seminar, Craft or Project, and Lunch Break.

The Scouts are supervised by the Scout Khorourt (mentorship group) usually comprised of veteran scouts and parents.  Their responsibility is to oversee the  Scouting Program and mentor the Leadership Corps.  The Scout Khorourt is overseen by the Scout Rep. of the Chapter's Executive Committee.

​Kayleeg / Ardzveeg
For Boys and Girls aged 6 -10, the Kayleeg/Ardzvig packs begin their educational program with the "Gagoogh Tateeg" booklet - fundamentals of Scouting, and work through the Yerg Askh (2nd) and Measkh (1st) program. Upon completion, the new scouts take the Yertoum (Oath of Homenentmen Scouts) ceremony and earn their poghgab (neckerchief), as well as badges of completion of their programs.

Ari / Arenoush
For older scouts aged 11-18, the Ari/Arenoush packs continue their educational program with the Norendza and PenGark books. They learn Armenian History, History of Homenetmen and Scouting, Leadership and Camping Skills. They participate in the RSC Leadership Seminars in Los Angeles, as well as qualify for participation in the Homenetmen World Jamboree in Armenia.

Leadership Corps
The Leadership Corps of young adults 18+ has risen through the ranks of Scouting to earn the priviledge of educating packs of their own. The highest member of the Leadership Corps is the Scout Master, with successive ranks based on the number of Garks completed.  
Scouting has always been a fundamental part of Homenetmen. With rich traditions of Patriotism, Civic Duty, Responsibility and Leadership, our Homenetmen Scouts move on to become vital members of our Armenian Community and the world at large. We invite you to have your child take part in scouting - building skills and relationships through educationals, camping, community service and fun events.
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