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 Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter
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Homenetmen SF Chapter Scholarship

Homenetmen SF Chapter announces a new scholarship program for its college students, based on service to the chapter and other sister organizations. In order to encourage and acknowledge dedicated community service by our youth, the chapter will begin this program by awarding the two most qualified applicants $1,000 each towards expenses of attending an accredited four year university, pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Applicants will be judged based on dedicated and sustained membership and service to Homenetmen, other community service within our sister organizations, and overall exhibiting Homenetmen values in society, in everyday life.

This program will be administered by a scholarship committee. They will also be responsible for fund-raising, though the chapter will subsidize. If community members are encouraged by this program, the committee is seeking sponsors. They can be reached at scholarship.sf@homenetmen.org

Homenetmen SF Chapter Scholarship Information

If you have been a Homenetmen SF Chapter member for 3 years, if you have displayed dedication and service to your chapter and other sister organizations, if you have practiced living as an exemplary Homenetmenagan, and if you will be attending a four year university next year towards an undergraduate degree as a full-time student, check below to see how you may qualify for $1,000 towards your following year’s scholastic expenses.

Purpose of Scholarship  ​
Encourage and recognize dedication and service to our chapter and other community service within sister organizations
Encourage and recognize individuals who live up to the Homenetmen motto of Elevate Yourself and Others with You, in their everyday life, displaying true Homenetmen attributes

Minimum Eligibility
Homenetmen SF Chapter member for at-least 3 years, in good standing
Must be attending a four year accredited university in the following year, towards an undergraduate degree, as a full-time student
A person can apply a maximum of four times towards this scholarship

Judging Criteria
The scholarship committee of four members will evaluate an application package based on the criteria below. Points will be given using objective metrics by each and totaled. The top two scoring applicants will be awarded $1,000 each to be spent towards their educational expenses.
Community Service (60%)
    1.Homenetmen SF Chapter              40%
    2.Other sister organizations             20%
Homenetmenagan Attributes (40%)
    3.Work Ethic (academic)                     8%
    4.Work Ethic (employment)               8%
    5.Leadership                                        8%
    6.Achievement (awards/honors)      8%
    7.Extracurricular Activities                 8%

Application Package
Completed Application Form and Package (received on time)
Proof of acceptance into an accredited four year university into an undergraduate degree as a full-time student, or current university report card showing attendance and standing
Letters of recommendation from:
    oSF Chapter Homenetmen Leaders (proving service) - mandatory
    oSister and/or other Organizations (proving service) - optional
    oTeachers (proving academic work ethic) - optional
    oEmployers (proving employment work ethic) - optional
    oOther (proving leadership roles assumed) - optional
    oCoaches or Instructors of Extracurricular Activities (proving improving health of body and mind) - optional
Proof of Awards and Honors received
Current transcripts
Essay explaining why you should be chosen for this scholarship, with a short paragraph on each one of the seven judging criteria.

Completed application packages must be received by May 31st.
Award decisions will be made public by the end of June, every year.