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 Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter
Chapter Overview
Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter was established in 1971, with the mandate to expand Homenetmen's mission and goals to the Armenian community of Northern California. The Homenetmen motto is Elevate Yourself and Others With You, and the objectives for our members are the following:

                Create a sense of Armenian Identity
                Commitment to Good Citizenship
                Development of Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Homenetmen San Francisco chapter accomplishes these objectives through the following methods:

Scouting - Follows international and American scouting curriculum. 
The Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter overseen by the Homenetmen Regional Scout Council and part of Boy Scouts of America, Verdugo Hill Council's Troop, Crew, and Pack 104. 

Athletics - Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter currently has 13 teams, in basketball and soccer. Through our teams we focus on teaching Armenian youth sportsmanship and teamwork.

Social - Homenetmen San Francisco also plans organization-wide social activities, meant to bring Armenian youth, parents and families together in social environment. We make an effort to acknowledge our volunteers and make sure our organization is a gathering place where our members feel at home.

Finally, the highlights of the "Homenetmen San Francisco Year" 
(in other words the main events that our members participate in during the year include):


San Diego Basketball Tournament in February
Fresno Basketball Tournament in March
Navasartian Regional Athletic Tournament in July
San Francisco Basketball Tournament in September
Orthodox Youth Athletic Association (OYAA) basketball league
Pan Homenetmen Games (organized once every 4 years)


Annual Chapter Summer Camp in July or August
Scouts Advancement and Awards Ceremony
Homenetmen Regional Scout Jamboree (once every 4 years)
Pan-Homenetmen Jamboree in Armenia (once every 4 years)


Tri-Chapter Picnic (with our Walnut Creek and Santa Clara sister chapters)
Chapter Dinner-Dance
Appreciation Night

Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter's membership is 250 scouts and athletes, making it the largest Armenian youth organization in Northern California.

HOMENETMEN San Francisco Chapter is a non-profit 501(c) organization, Tax ID No: 23-7062425

Organization Hierarchy

Homenetmen Central Executive Committee  
10 Regions - 101 Chapters
Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon

Homenetmen Western Region 
Western USA - 18 Chapters
Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA

Homenetmen San Francisco Chapter
Executive Committee
Elected Annually at membership Meeting
Athletic Committee - Scouts Advisory Council (Khorourt) - Social Committee


The Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts known as HOMENETMEN, is a non-profit organization which was founded over 95 years ago in Constantinople by Shavarsh Krisian, Hovhannes Hintlian, and Krikor Hagopian. 

Today, the Homenetmen family has grown to include 28,000 members in 5 continents worldwide.  The San Francisco Chapter was established in 1971 and was the second Homenetmen chapter to be established in the Western USA Region which today has grown to include 18 chapters.

Our mission is to create an environment where our members feel they belong to a larger Armenian Community. Through Athletics, Scouting and Social events, we aim to instill values in our youth to appreciate their Armenian Heritage, learn Leadership and Teamwork,  and foster a sense of their social responsibilities.  We strive to reach individual and collective excellence, and adhere to a motto of Partsratsir - Partsratsour (Elevate Yourself and Others With You).